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Vegan Old Cucumber Soup 素的老黄瓜汤 (600gram per packet)

600g for 2 pax per packet

Price stated is per packet basis

SGD 8.24
Old cucumbers are an excellent source of fiber to stimulate the digestive tract and are a source of iron to build the protein hemoglobin to transport oxygen through the bloodstream. The cucumbers also contain calcium to strengthen bones and teeth, vitamins A and C to reduce inflammation and boost collagen production, and vitamin B6 to ensure a healthy metabolism and central nervous system. In China, Old cucumbers are believed to contain anti-aging properties and are consumed to improve skin complexion.

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Preparation method: 1) Thaw fully 2) Heat on stovetop (stir frequently) or microwave (stir halfway through) 3) Serve - Suitable for 2pax (600g) - No added MSG and preservatives - Product comes frozen Ingredients: Old Cucumber, Red Dates, Vegan Meat.
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