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Norwegian Salmon Fillet - Fresh Frozen / 挪威三文鱼片-新鲜冷冻 (1kg - 5-6 pieces)

1kg per packet

5-6 fillet per packet

Price stated is per packet basis

SGD 55.83

What was once a luxury food is now probably the most popular fish in Singapore. And it's no surprise given it's fatty, tender, and delicious taste plus it's many health benefits. Salmon fillet is easy to prepare and only needs some light seasoning to bring out its flavour. It can be cooked several ways—pan-fried, air-fried, grilled, baked, poached, or steamed.

Our favourite recipes: Pan-fried Salmon Teriyaki, Mentaiko Salmon, Soy Ginger baked Salmon.

Wholesale are welcome to contact our marketing support at 62643336 /81288368

Country of Origin: Norway

Condition: Fresh Frozen to capture it's maximum freshness (Keep frozen immediately if not cooking)

Storage: Store at -18°C or below

Note: Great care has been taken to debone the fillet but some bones may still remain.

If you wish to buy in wholesale and bulk basis, please contact us.

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